VNTW Weekly recap (03.05–10.05)

It has been a long week for everyone at Value Network and the entire crypto community, some were able to follow events happening in our community but some lost track along the line, as with any project and community, keeping everyone updated as to every step and event happening strengthens trust in the project and team.

Earlier last week Value Network in partnership with Qtum, held an online AMA session to discuss matters arising and answering questions on upcoming projects, lots of participants won cash prizes. Notes were taken from the general public to be considered.

Our Community Meetup in…

To clock success in binary options trading, you need more than mere luck. You have to figure out the right approach and learn the strategies you could use to enhance your probability of success. When you want to make money consistently from binary options trading, you have to do it in a sustained manner.

While there are several binary options trading strategies, Martingale strategy is the most renowned among these. Let us find out what this strategy is all about and how it increases the chances of your success.

How successful is Martingale strategy in systematic Binary options trading


A popular strategy among binary options traders, Martingale is supposed…

What’s up Value Network community!

We’ve successfully held our third AMA, discussing:

  1. QTUM grant
  2. Updated roadmap
  3. Company incorporation
  4. Accelerators plans
  5. Tier-1 media interview that is coming soon
  6. Airdrop — coming soon
  7. Supply burn strategy
  8. Listing on CEX is coming

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 16.03.2021

Value Network, a binary options platform and exchange, is migrating from the Ethereum mainnet to the Qtum smart contract and Dapp platform. Qtum is distributing one million dollars worth of grants to the DeFi ecosystem.

Qtum will fund Value Network with this grant money and provide technical support during and after the migration. Value Network users will continue to be able to trade options peer-to-peer, predicting future crypto prices and hedging using binary options.

Binary options expire at a set date in the future with a yes/no resolution by paying out a fixed and predetermined…

What’s up community!

New pitchdeck just arrived and you can check it out on this constant link —

Product Binary Options —

Product ValueSwap-

Full article later

creation of the new market in Synthetix

At Value Network, when we decided to fork Uniswap and release our own implementation of the protocol, we had clear goals behind it. Let us walk you through why we thought forking Uniswap was the best way to go ahead.

ValueSwap on Mainnet — is ValueSwap — fork of Uniswap v.2

‘Fork’ that is one on one with Uniswap’s

We have used one on one fork of Uniswap to roll out an exemplary product. Different addons to the fork such as blockchain-based referral system will add more value to it. We have forked frontend as well as backend to cobble up a cutting edge product.


Artem please introduce yourself briefly before we dive right into the questions.

First of all thanks for the invitation guys, it’s a pleasure to talk to your community. My name is Artem, I’m 3,5 years in crypto and more than 8 years in IT development. More about myself you can find on and

Regarding the project, we’ve made an MVP of crypto-backed loans way back in 2018 but not succeed to fundraise for the further stages of development. Who may imagine how the lending sphere will develop! Now we are developing VN in the sphere of the Binary options and tradable bets/trades

What is Valuenetwork? Tell us about your project and what it offers.

A value network is a set of connections…

What’s up ValueNetwork community!

So long-awaited product of Binary options is finally LIVE on mainnet-

Binary Options product of Value Network project is live on Ethereum mainnet

The current market is BTC/USD 40000$ per USD in the next 6 days.

Make bets HIGHER/LOWER in ETH (0.001 ETH minimum).

Winners get the whole amount of participants who made bets on the opposite outcome. (pure P2P play)

Binary options contract —

The next goals are to let the community create their own markets with custom parameters, marketplace of the bets.

Public roadmap is available on

Financial model —

Circulating supply -

Also, don’t forget that ValueSwap, fork of Uniswap is live on

Share the word!

Buy VNTW on Uniswap —

Farming is live —

Farming contract

What’s up Value Network community!

Long awaited farming UI interface is finally live.

Check it out on

Stake your liquidity and get VNTW

1% of the total supply will be distributed in the first month of the farming incentives.

Farming contract

Code of the project is available on

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Listing made, vesting made, farming made, locked liquidity and product coming

Elevator pitch

VNTW token vesting period explained (07.12.2020) — Artem Levin-

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Value Network DeFi products

Decentralized prediction markets platform. Users making bets against each other, not against the broker. Chainlink as price oracle. Available on Ethereum, QTUM

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