VNTW Weekly recap (03.05–10.05)

It has been a long week for everyone at Value Network and the entire crypto community, some were able to follow events happening in our community but some lost track along the line, as with any project and community, keeping everyone updated as to every step and event happening strengthens trust in the project and team.

Earlier last week Value Network in partnership with Qtum, held an online AMA session to discuss matters arising and answering questions on upcoming projects, lots of participants won cash prizes. Notes were taken from the general public to be considered.

Our Community Meetup in Moscow was successful with contributions from various blockchain experts and stakeholders; those who weren’t opportune to attend the event had the chance to stream the live event in English and Russian languages.

Plans are being finalized for our Global hackathon event, scheduled to hold later this month, with teams competing in three sections; trading, dev, and marketing; the total prize is worth over $15,000; further details will be announced on our social media platforms and community.

In upholding our pledge for security and trustworthiness, Value Network Certik Audit is ongoing, and the outcome will be relayed when there is an update, and planning on burning some of the tokens to reduce supply. We’re pleased to announce that we’ve now crossed 1100 holders.

Value Network is now in Malta’s Sandbox, the process takes a bit of time due to the stages involved, and we’re doing everything to ensure the process is smooth and hitch-free.

We’re finalizing plans for our burn program so that the next few weeks would be very eventful and interesting.

“How many millionaires do you know who have become wealthy by investing in savings accounts? I rest my case.” — Robert G. Allen.

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Decentralized prediction markets platform. Users making bets against each other, not against the broker. Chainlink as price oracle. Available on Ethereum, QTUM