VNTW token vesting period explained (07.12.2020) — Artem Levin

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2 min readDec 7, 2020


The definition of vesting period has been in geeks’ minds in the blockchain sphere since the hype of 2017 when ICO’s easily stole or misused billions of backers funds without any legal restrictions from governments.

The innovation itself became the solution when Vitalik Buterin announced the DAICO concept -which included vesting periods. That means that the team itself and advisors and other project participants are rewarded during a long period of time (usually in 3 or 5 years) with rewards split in small pieces. The smart-contract of the token and the vesting period will be UNUPGRADABLE.

Here’s a snapshot of Value Network complete token economy in google docs.

Vesting periods of the Value Network token concept

That means that we create a special vesting contract to give the stake of founders and money from the development pool in 3 years in equal parts.

I truly believe that blockchain innovations will give us a bright future full of motivation and hopes.

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