VNTW Token economy and utilities of the token (28.11.2020)

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2 min readNov 27, 2020


Being in crypto since 2016, one of the main things I’ve understood is that token economy and good marketing around the token leads to stable pricing growth of the token long-term.

The main examples are surely Bitcoin, Ether, BNB, Aave. And also, XRP, though it is nothing more than a huge corporate lobby, but it also pays.

Bitcoin price chart
Ethereum price chart
Binance coin price chart

Which lesson can we learn from these charts?

The maximum utility of the token and cutting off supply leads to further price gains and development of the project at a quick pace.

Which utilities prepared for the VNTW token?

  1. Voting on Value Network platform development decisions
  2. Lowering of commissions on the trades
  3. Included in the process of creating the markets
  4. Exclusive markets on VNTW token
  5. Staking
  6. Pre-timing escape of the deal using the token
  7. Payment solutions based on the token
  8. Advertising possibilities on the platform

What are the parameters of the token?

Total emission: 100 000 000 tokens

Format: ERC-20

Founders: 36% or 36 000 000 tokens

Team: 3% or 3 000 000 tokens

Rewards to first liquidity providers on Uniswap and Sushiswap: 10% or 10 000 000 tokens

Development pool: 51% or 51 000 000 tokens

Vesting period: 36 months (equal parts)

We’re planning to release the smart-contract till December 15th and list ot on Uniswap and Sushiswap with a liquidity reward ratio as 5000 VNTW for 1 ETH in the pool, that have been there for 1 month.

To say in simple words: put your ETH in the pool of VNTW market on Uniswap and leave it there for one month, and you will see 500 VNTW on your wallet. Easy! DeFi

That’s why we call our project community-owned — you give us liquidity, and that liquidity goes to the Development pool, on which community decides where the project will go further. The monthly voting on the protocol will be held to decide and ask for the voice of the community.

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