Value Network project history — a lookback to 2018

Everything starts from the past, so does the Value Network project.

It is crucial to take a little look back because it can tell you a little more about our background, vision, and priorities.

In early 2018, on top of altcoins’ hype, I looked at the market and tried to check for any valuable and promising ideas. Looking at it from 2020, it looked easy, but at the moment, in the mass of hyped projects, it wasn’t so.

One of the ideas I loved was the idea of crypto-backed loans — very similar to loans for the liquid assets that banks, financial institutions, and individuals are using every day in the fiat world.

Need proofs? Here are some artifacts from back in the days:

Whitepaper (2018) —

Demos (on Russian) — and

Presentation (2018) —

The initial liquidity of the token was one of the main problems we’ve faced and the reason to freeze the project these days.

And I was thrilled to see this problem solved through placing tokens of the projects on DEXes like Uniswap and Sushiswap. So do in Value Network 2020, we’ll put the token on DEXes (planned date — till the end of 2020) to let the community decide on its price in the future.

The MVP of the Prediction Markets platform will be released till February 2021.

The description of our token economy will be in one of the next posts.