The Token and vesting contracts deployed mainnet

Greetings to everybody in the Value Network community

We’ve just successfully deployed the Token contract and Vesting contracts to the mainnet of Ethereum.

Token (VNTW) official address — 0xd0f05D3D4e4d1243Ac826d8c6171180c58eaa9BC

Vesting contract official address — 0xd39d9Cd4651A6C050Bd4F3c01070909D80BC131F

The vesting period for the whole team and the development pool is 3 years.

The total supply is 100.000.000 tokens

51% Development pool

36% Team and founders

10% liquidity rewards

3% Upcoming team motivation

The listing will take place from January 2nd to January 5th on Uniswap with liquidity rewards. The LP rewards contract will be published a bit later.

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