Binary Options Product is live on Ethereum mainnet

What’s up ValueNetwork community!

So long-awaited product of Binary options is finally LIVE on mainnet-

Binary Options product of Value Network project is live on Ethereum mainnet

The current market is BTC/USD 40000$ per USD in the next 6 days.

Make bets HIGHER/LOWER in ETH (0.001 ETH minimum).

Winners get the whole amount of participants who made bets on the opposite outcome. (pure P2P play)

Binary options contract —

The next goals are to let the community create their own markets with custom parameters, marketplace of the bets.

Public roadmap is available on

Financial model —

Circulating supply -

Also, dont forget that ValueSwap, fork of Uniswap is live on

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Buy VNTW on Uniswap —

Farming is live —

Farming contract