Bi-Weekly Recap (25.07 — 07.08)

Dear Value Network community,

It’s been a good summer so far, and we’ve been tirelessly working on new features to make the platform better.

Last month we released the Bet History feature that enables you to keep track of all your prediction market bets and claim your winnings.

We also launched a Telegram Notification Channel to keep you informed about new options market available for trading.

Our on-chain strategies are in the testing stages and being developed with a pure and transparent Web3 approach which would be groundbreaking for DeFi and the blockchain industry when released. It will allow users to track all trades from a trader, prove all the results he’s been having, and show the result to the community.

The trader will also have his skin in the game, which, when put in simpler terms, means the trader deposits some of his funds into his strategy together with funds from interested investors. As a risk management measure, the trader can’t trade more than 5% of his portfolio and funds put in the strategy; all funds go to the smart contract. A trader can’t withdraw any funds but is only able to trade on prediction markets.

In the nearest future, there will be three main streams for users to earn money on the platform:

  • Trading
  • On-chain strategies
  • Providing liquidity

By the latest predictions, liquidity will be more than $2 million in the next 10 -12 months, and liquidity providers will get a 50–70% APY therefore you as a liquidity provider can be guaranteed good returns on your investment.

We’re communicating with Quantum about our fundraising, and integration with the Quantum blockchain(QTUM) is in the works. We’ve also been applying to blockchain accelerators, 35 crowdfunding companies in Europe so far and are adding more platforms daily.

Our trading competition is going to be on the Quantum blockchain. Although it’s been temporarily postponed due to the market cycle, it would begin again between October/November and will last until the end of the year.

Marketing is a massive deal for us, and we’ve been trying out different marketing strategies and platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and other mediums. We’re trying to build native promotions, integration with influencers, and scalable traffic means. token sale has been postponed till a further date due to the market situation. The smart contracts are ready and need to be audited. Artem Levin is the strategic advisor on the project and, maybe, at some point, may have integration with Value Network.

Value Network Pitch Deck is now available to the general public; it’s an exciting read that gets you up to speed about project plans, fundraising goals, and meeting the team members as requested by the community.

In case you missed it, Value Network 4th AMA session with Artem Levin was held on July 28th and was live-streamed on our YouTube Channel.

Get Involved

We are eager to evolve Value Network into an inclusive community project. If you believe you can help in any way, please join us on the Value Network Telegram channel and introduce yourself.

If you want to get involved with the project, check out our Github and Follow Value Network on Medium, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.



Decentralized multichain, open-source prediction markets protocol enabling novice, retail, and institutional investors quickly and securely place predictions

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Decentralized multichain, open-source prediction markets protocol enabling novice, retail, and institutional investors quickly and securely place predictions