Bi Weekly Recap (09.08–22.08)

Dear Community,

The Value Network ecosystem has continued to flourish over time, with excellent features such as the on-chain strategies soon to be deployed.

Value Network On-chain strategies (aka Auto-following aka Social trading) strategies are in the final testing phase and would be released as soon as all required tests are complete; the strategy will allow traders to create special smart contracts that enable:

Value Network would be a real game-changer for the whole crypto ecosystem in the nearest future. As centralized exchanges and brokers enforce more restrictions to comply with local AML and KYC regulations, the use case for decentralized prediction markets will only strengthen.

With Value Network, there is no need for third-party crypto custody, broker outages, deposit, and withdrawal interruptions.

Ultimately, the DeFi industry is continually growing and evolving. It’s mind-blowing how quickly the ecosystem passed from being an experiment by anonymous geeks to proving that it will likely play a significant role in finance’s future.

Although we may see it as a niche sector right now, you can expect broader market shares to adopt the decentralized applications in the future. Decentralized finance has the potential of altering the financial world any time now.

Get Involved

We are eager to evolve Value Network into an inclusive community project. If you believe you can help in any way, please join us on the Value Network Telegram channel and introduce yourself.

If you want to get involved with the project, check out our Github and Follow Value Network on Medium, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.



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Value Network DeFi products

Value Network DeFi products

Decentralized multichain, open-source prediction markets protocol enabling novice, retail, and institutional investors quickly and securely place predictions