An AMA with Vipcryptocalls made

Artem please introduce yourself briefly before we dive right into the questions.

First of all thanks for the invitation guys, it’s a pleasure to talk to your community. My name is Artem, I’m 3,5 years in crypto and more than 8 years in IT development. More about myself you can find on and

Regarding the project, we’ve made an MVP of crypto-backed loans way back in 2018 but not succeed to fundraise for the further stages of development. Who may imagine how the lending sphere will develop! Now we are developing VN in the sphere of the Binary options and tradable bets/trades

What is Valuenetwork? Tell us about your project and what it offers.

A value network is a set of connections between organizations and/or individuals interacting with each other to benefit the entire group. It’s the economical definition. Value Network project now consist of MVP of the Binary Options platform and ValueSwap — the fork of Uniswap. But we’l be diving for to the interoperability and scalability things in the future.

Where is the project based?

Our team is completely remote and bootstrapped. People from Russia, India, US and Europe are involved. We have a unique cultural set and I adore which progress the team has achieved for this 3–4 months. Around 10 people are now working on the project, these are devs, stakeholders, business development guys.

Does VNTW have any working products?

Now it’s main product —, number of markets will be expanded in the near future. The main scheme there is that winners of the market get funds from the losers.

ValueSwap will be used to make bets tradable. That means that when you bet on the Binary options platform you receive the token and its price depends whether you are winning or not.

Farming has been active for the entire month and finished yesterday. More incentivized mechanics will be applied later but they will be more complicated. We are now building th structure when users bet on the platofrm and not just getting tokens, but the access to the pool where this tokens are stored. The first person to withdraw will get the minimum and the last to withdraw will get the maximum. We will encourage HODLERS in any way possible.

For our upcoming developments you can check the updated presentation, it is not designed yet but still informative

How many developers are working on this project?

Now it’s 2 separate dev teams auditing each other. Names are not disclosed, but we keep the organization flexible.

They dont have much liquidity locked on uniswap? Why is that?

The project is fair and bootstrapped so it’s our own funds there. It is enough to make trades on this liquidity and it’s already locked. So I think it is enough to make things going.

Are you going to list on any other exchanges anytime soon?

We have resources that are responsible for listings also. We are considering the listing on CEX in the upcoming 2–3 months but now it’s not the main priority. Also we are in close connection with the websies like Coingecko and DeBank, DeFimarketcap

Cant find VNTW on coingecko?

We are in close connection with them and we hope to get listed there soon as the project is solid, all commits made and new coming.

Whats the circulating supply of this token and marketcap?

We made a specialized document on that. It’s available on or The cap is very small now and is around 20–30 k USD. The last month was bad for the price because of the liquidity rewards — farmers just dumped all the tokens. Better times for us expected.

Any plans for marketing and increasing exposure?

I’be spending the next 2–4 weeks doing AMA, talking to communities. Listings are also in the priotity. Linkedin business development taking place to establish connection with the key funding players of the market.

Synthetix, Spectre, considered as competitors, but I think they have a more comlicated product. Our product is designed to be suitable for the mass use.

What are you doing about the low score on dextools?

We are in the close connection with Frederic — founder of Dextools, and the last remark was to increase the liquidity a bit. Not sure that we can we can do it short-term but also rely on community memebers to increase the numbers there.

Why does valueswap look so much like uniswap?

We forked it 1 to 1 and the main goals is functionality, not the design. Adopting the desing will be actual when a lot of trades will be tradeable on ValueSwap

Do they have any video tutorials for using their products? Like the binary options trading platform?

There do is tutorial on how to use our platform — or

Do you have any plans to move to Binance smartchain as eth gas fees skyrocket?

Yes we are considering Binance chain and also level-2 scaling solutions like Matic for the faster markets.




Decentralized multichain, open-source prediction markets protocol enabling novice, retail, and institutional investors quickly and securely place predictions

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Value Network DeFi products

Value Network DeFi products

Decentralized multichain, open-source prediction markets protocol enabling novice, retail, and institutional investors quickly and securely place predictions

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