Dear Value Network community,

As always, we love to keep our incredible community and supporters up to date about the latest events. We have many unique features and updates in the works and can’t wait to announce them to the general public.

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve rolled out the Auto markets on Value Network, which gives traders access to more options to trade and opportunities to earn more money on the clock. We’ve also decided to launch a Notification Channel on Telegram to notify traders each time a new market is opened for trading.

Bi Weekly Recap (27.06–10.07)

A lot has been going on in the Value Network community in the past couple of weeks. But first things first, we are truly humbled by the level of enthusiasm and support we have received from the broader blockchain community who have joined Value Network as token holders. Our aim has always been to build and serve as one of the most transparent and seamless blockchain trading platforms.

Back in June, we started to roll out interface improvements for users on mobile and desktop devices. …

At Value Network, we pride ourselves on our commitment to you — the community, and as part of that commitment, we are doing our best to be as transparent as possible. Value Network is scaling globally at an exponential pace, and we’re focused on making strategic, sustainable decisions that allow us to keep providing our unprecedented services to as many people as possible.

We are excited to announce the integration of the Binance and Ethereum test net on our platform, which allows those who are new to our platform to test run the entire system before deciding to try it out with real cryptocurrency; you can try out the BNB or ETH faucet to get free test net coins which can be used to place test bets on Value Network.

As always, we love to keep our incredible community and supporters up to date about the latest events. We have many unique features and updates in the works and can’t wait to announce them to the general public.

VNTW Weekly recap (03.05–10.05)

It has been a long week for everyone at Value Network and the entire crypto community, some were able to follow events happening in our community but some lost track along the line, as with any project and community, keeping everyone updated as to every step and event happening strengthens trust in the project and team.

Earlier last week Value Network in partnership with Qtum, held an online AMA session to discuss matters arising and answering questions on upcoming projects, lots of participants won cash prizes. Notes were taken from the general public to be considered.

Our Community Meetup in…

To clock success in binary options trading, you need more than mere luck. You have to figure out the right approach and learn the strategies you could use to enhance your probability of success. When you want to make money consistently from binary options trading, you have to do it in a sustained manner.

While there are several binary options trading strategies, Martingale strategy is the most renowned among these. Let us find out what this strategy is all about and how it increases the chances of your success.

How successful is Martingale strategy in systematic Binary options trading


A popular strategy among binary options traders, Martingale is supposed…

What’s up Value Network community!

We’ve successfully held our third AMA, discussing:

  1. QTUM grant
  2. Updated roadmap
  3. Company incorporation
  4. Accelerators plans
  5. Tier-1 media interview that is coming soon
  6. Airdrop — coming soon
  7. Supply burn strategy
  8. Listing on CEX is coming

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 16.03.2021

Value Network, a binary options platform and exchange, is migrating from the Ethereum mainnet to the Qtum smart contract and Dapp platform. Qtum is distributing one million dollars worth of grants to the DeFi ecosystem.

Qtum will fund Value Network with this grant money and provide technical support during and after the migration. Value Network users will continue to be able to trade options peer-to-peer, predicting future crypto prices and hedging using binary options.

Binary options expire at a set date in the future with a yes/no resolution by paying out a fixed and predetermined…

What’s up community!

New pitchdeck just arrived and you can check it out on this constant link —

Product Binary Options —

Product ValueSwap-

Value Network DeFi products

Decentralized prediction markets platform. Users making bets against each other, not against the broker. Chainlink as price oracle. Available on Ethereum, QTUM

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