Dear Value Network Community,

The team recently bridged $VNTW onto Polygon Network due to the ever-rising gas fee on the Ethereum network, and we’re in the process of fully integrating Polygon into the Value Network Ecosystem. With the bridge, you can now swap $VNTW tokens on QuickSwap using a cheaper…

Dear Value Network Community,

Over the past few weeks, we’ve worked tirelessly to ensure we deliver on our promise of user-generated markets and make your prediction experience smooth. We’re delighted to announce that the user-generated markets feature is now live and fully functional on the platform.

User-generated markets allow you…

Dear Value Network Community,

Recently we announced that we’ve been working on new features to make your experience on the platform exciting and seamless. The user-created markets feature is currently in its testing phase, which will allow users to create markets with over 200 currency pairs from Chainlink, with actual…

Dear Value Network Community,

We recently had a token burn on 7th September 2021 in which 5 Million tokens were burnt from the total supply; burn can be verified on the blockchain here.

Over the last weeks, we’ve been working on new features. We’re currently testing the user-generated market prediction…

Bi-weekly Recap (23.08–05.09)

At Value Network, we pride ourselves on our commitment to you — the community, and as part of that commitment, we are doing our best to be as transparent as possible.

Value Network is scaling globally at an exponential pace. We’re focused on making strategic, sustainable decisions…

Bi Weekly Recap (09.08–22.08)

Dear Community,

The Value Network ecosystem has continued to flourish over time, with excellent features such as the on-chain strategies soon to be deployed.

Value Network On-chain strategies (aka Auto-following aka Social trading) strategies are in the final testing phase and would be released as soon…

Bi-Weekly Recap (25.07 — 07.08)

Dear Value Network community,

It’s been a good summer so far, and we’ve been tirelessly working on new features to make the platform better.

Last month we released the Bet History feature that enables you to keep track of all your prediction market bets and…

Dear Value Network community,

As always, we love to keep our incredible community and supporters up to date about the latest events. We have many unique features and updates in the works and can’t wait to announce them to the general public.

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve rolled…

Value Network DeFi products

Decentralized prediction markets platform. Users making bets against each other, not against the broker. Chainlink as price oracle. Available on Ethereum, QTUM

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